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GUELPH, Ontario, Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Experior Financial Group Inc. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Debt Medic. Having worked with Debt Medic to provide support and solutions for clients who had serious debt issues for the last few years, Experior has made a purchase of a 20% share into Debt Medic.  

Experior Financial Group Inc. noted the need for debt solutions for clients is recently on the rise and felt that the support for a company like Debt Medic was needed to meet the higher demand of the market. The aim of Experior Financial Group’s associates is to help every person reach their financial goals and to create a legacy for their future.  Debt Medic has been an important part of that journey for some clients, reducing their debt by 70% on average. 

“Right from the first time we met with the owners of Debt Medic, we knew it was something we would want to move forward with. Immediately we trusted them and knew they would treat our agents and clients the way we would want them to. We are excited to be officially partners with Debt Medic as this helps us to service clients in all areas,” Co-founder and President Lee-Ann Prickett said about the partnership.

David Senft, Kevin Senft, Christine Senft, and their team have provided Experior Agents and their clients with debt solutions that have freed them from the weight of consumer debt. David and Christine have a success story of their own. They were burdened with a debt of $144,000 and worked to become debt free in just 12 months. Now they work with a team of debt specialists to help others achieve debt freedom.  

Experior Financial Group could not be happier with the partnership and looks forward to serving more clients and helping them to achieve their financial goals. 

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