Are Your Clients Struggling with Debt?


Having a lot of debt is very stressful and most Canadians don't know where to turn for advice and help.
Let the friendly staff at Debt Medic diagnose your client's financial situation and provide them
with the best plan to eliminate their debt and elevate their financial future.

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This video is our original video laying out our services for your clients and the best place to start to learn what we offer and how to refer your clients to us. Here we share the fundamentals of credit scores and credit reports to help you and your clients build their credit score.

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Este video es nuestro video original que presenta nuestros servicios para sus clientes y el mejor lugar para comenzar a aprender lo que ofrecemos y cómo recomendarnos a sus clientes. Aquí compartimos los fundamentos de los puntajes de crédito y los informes de crédito para ayudarlo a usted y a sus clientes a construir su puntaje de crédito.


Sharon Vandeburgt

My client has been very, very impressed with Debt Medic.

Jodi (from DM) has gone above and beyond to help her through her debt scenario.  She has been treated with utmost dignity and respect since Day 1.  Jodi provided information and education that my client needed to know and also has supported her on an emotional level during this time.

When asked if she would recommend Debt Medic to other clients, she replied with a resounding YES!

Sharon Vandeburgt
Sr. Financial Associate
Experior Financial Group


The friendly staff at Debt Medic is a committed team of professionals who are dedicated to helping Canadians evaluate and eliminate their debt. With great sensitivity and confidentiality they will walk you through the process one step at a time.


Debt is impacting every Canadian in different ways. We are in debt as a country, provinces are in debt and a huge percentage of our population is also in debt. Do we have to live with this stress? What are our options? Debt Medic opened its doors to help everyday Canadians and to be their voice and advocate in the battle to be free from their debt.

Qualified people, on average, are reducing their debts by 50%
or more while protecting their assets and avoiding bankruptcy.

young stressed and desperate man at home living room couch doing domestic accounting with paperwork and calculator feeling overwhelmed and worried suffering financial crisis debt and ruin

TESTIMONIAL - JP from Manitoba

$38,667 Debt ($1160/mo min payments) settled for $12,000 ($200/mo interest free)

July 16, 2021

After months and months of struggling to make my monthly and bi-weekly payments toward my debt, on top of all my other bill payments, I was running out of options on what to do. I couldn't get anymore loans. I talked to my bank representative, and there was nothing they could do to help me get back on track with my credit. At that point, I had already started to do some research on Credit Counselling and Consumer Proposal. My bank representative had recommended to go for a Consumer Proposal, as that would help me consolidate my debt payments, rebuild my credit, and start fresh. So I went on Google again to do some more research and I came across Debt Medic. I reached out to them and within that same week, I met with David, and he was so helpful and accommodating. He patiently walked me through the whole process, step by step, and after going through the whole process, within only 3 months, I was off to a fresh start! This all happened only 6 months ago, and I feel so free now. I feel like a great weight and burden has been lifted and I don't feel trapped. I thank the good Lord that He lead me to Debt Medic. By God's Grace, I am free and forgiven! Thank you again, David, Jodi, Christine and the rest of the Debt Medic team for your hard work and dedication to helping people be debt free. God bless you guys for your efforts.

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    In the FREE Check-Up we will evaluate all your client's options to determine the best course of action for their situation.


    Eliminate their debts by implementing the best strategy based on their financial situation and goals.


    Work with clients on Credit Building Strategies and hand them to their Experior Agent for additional financial education.


    Experior Agents now work with their clients to build and implement successful wealth building strategies they can now afford.

Learn How the Experior Referral Program Works

Updated July 22, 2021

Debt Medic is excited to announce our referral program for Experior Financial Group.

Our goal at Debt Medic is to diagnose an individual’s or couple’s financial situation and guide them to the best plan to eliminate their debt and elevate their financial future.

Earn referral commissions for each referral that becomes a client and completes their payments for their fee.


  1. FA - $292.50
  2. SFA - $303.75
  3. SM - $315.00
  4. ED - $346.50 (also generational overrides)

Enter Your Experior Referral Here:

Please ensure you have spoken to your referral prior to filling out this form and let them know someone from Debt Medic will be contacting them to book an appointment to assist them with their debts. This is mandatory as we do not want to be calling people that are not expecting our call.

We are now taking referrals for ALL provinces in Canada.



  • Please do not put a 1 at the beginning - just start with the area code
  • This includes: Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Overdraft, Personal Loan, Collections, Payday Loans, Income Tax, Bills, Utilities, Student Loans, Mortgage & Vehicle Shortfalls if they no longer own the assets, etc.
  • Any information about how you know this person or any details on their situation would be helpful for when we call them

  • Please do not put a 1 at the beginning - just start with the area code